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Running out of family friendly travel destinations and know not where to head out to on your next vacation? Why not hop on to one of the many Bahama cruises and have a whale of a time. There is so much to do and see on a Bahama cruise that you will be lost for choice.
There are a number of Bahama cruises tat start from places such as Miami, and Port Canaveral nearly every week. These cruises cost as little as $186 for a 3-night trip and is ideal for solo travellers, family with kids, honeymooners, and even the elderly.
What do you get on the Cruise
Like most other cruise, Bahama cruises too are fun and exciting. There are a number of daily entertainment activities to keep you on your feet. From musicals, to dramas to even mime shows, these cruises have it all. The food served on the deck is mouth-watering good and the spread is vast. You will get everything from cereal, to poached eggs, to steak, mashed potatoes and salads apart from a number of chef specials. While some cruises only offer on board meals and certain beverages, you may also choose a luxury cruise that has a well-stocked bar that patrons can enjoy. Many cruises also have luxury amenities such a pool, laundry services, and a spa. And, if you have kids, be sure to check out the kids club, where they can spend hours having fun under supervision while you can let your air down and relax.
Accommodation Options
Apart from specialty dining and round the clock entertainment, Bahama cruises also offer comfortable accommodations. Patrons can choose between a number of boarding options such as Interior, Balcony, Ocean View and Suite. Some suites may have luxuries such as a jacuzzi to spend a romantic time with a someone special. Those on a budget may opt for the rooms on the interior. And, those with kids are bound to love the Ocean view rooms.
Activities Galore
All cruises have well-planned itineraries and will allow you to not just enjoy a good whole day at sea but also shop and unwind at several ports along the trip. You will be allowed to explore attractions and spend the day at leisure.
Your cruise cost will cover port charges, but be sure to apply for travel protection and budget for shore excursions.
So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and set out to a one of its kind travel destinations – The Bahamas.

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