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Affiliate reward - up to 9% of the booking price. is a platform for exploring and booking tours and master classes all around the world. We offer more than 5000 tours in more than 100 cities: Prague, Paris, Barcelona, ​​Rome, London, Moscow, Kiev, Pattaya, Phuket and many others.

We are building a professional guide community: we personally interview each and every guide and check every tour. We care about travelers: we have a support desk and recommendation system integrated to our website.

You can find the most unusual tourist trails, the most interesting people - both professionals and city’s lovers - and the most unexpected topics on our website. We believe that the city is much more than just a historical city center, well-known city facts and the toneless voice of a guide.

We know the best way to monetize traffic, our conversion rate is a hugely higher than the average one, we support our affiliates to maximize their earnings and implement an optimal integration.

The affiliate program is the best solution for travel websites that are eager for additional services, user loyalty and earnings.

About Commission:

Guides and travel agencies pay a 20% commission from from each sold ticket. You can get up to 45% from our commission, or up to 9% from the ticket price if it was booked from your website. Our average reward equals to $12, meaning $5.5 of it can be your revenue. With us you can earn more in comparison with flight tickets metasearch affiliate programs (1% of $400 = $4).