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Compensair - compensation for flight delay or cancellation

Affiliate reward: 5 EUR per claim

Compensair is a service that helps to get up to EUR 600 compensation for disrupted flight (delay, cancellation or overbooking). We work under EU and Turkish legislation.

It takes less than 2 min to check flight, calculate potential compensation and submit the application. We take care of all the paperwork We will prepare all the necessary documents, submit the claim with the airline and take care of all the further communication with the airline to settle a case. We will charge a success fee of 25% only if client get paid by the airline. No payments up-front are required.

Integrations and affiliate commission.
We provide affiliates with widgets, links, and banners.
Our reward equals to 5 EUR per each claim we will sent to airline. On average it takes 3-4 days from application to starting claim procedure.
By accepting the User Agreement, you agree that:

1.1. You are not allowed to send emails and other messages to Internet users without their explicit consent.

1.2. You are not allowed to add URL’s that link to the Advertiser’s website and post other promo-materials on third-party websites without explicit consent of their owners.

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1.4. You are not allowed to use Advertiser’s trademark, logo, brand and/or domain name for advertising campaigns in contextual advertising systems.


2.1. The Agent’s reward for user acquisition is paid by the Principal for actual claim on Advertiser’s websites that are done by referrals from the Agent’s to the Advertiser’s website.

2.2. The Agent’s reward is based on all referrals to the Advertiser's website, who used the URLs that contain the Agent ID. Provided that all the claims made from a user’s PC within a 30-day period starting from his first visit to the Advertiser's website are taken into account. Cookies, which are installed in user’s browsers, are used to keep record of the customers.

2.3. Agent’s personal account on the Principal’s website is used by the Principal to provide the Agent with the real time information about revenue earned by the Advertiser from the referrals that come from the Agent's websites.

2.4. The Agent commission earned for the previous month is paid from 10th to 20th day monthly, by transferring funds to the Agent's account according to the payment details specified in the personal account.

Allowable traffic types

Contextual advertising Allowed
Brand ads Prior approval required
Teaser advertising Prior approval required
Click-Under Forbidden
Pop-Up Prior approval required
Pop-Under Forbidden
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Targeted ads in social networks Allowed
Applications in social networks Allowed
Messengers (Telegram, Viber and others) Allowed
In mobile apps Allowed
Doorways Prior approval required
Motivated traffic Allowed
Cash back Forbidden
Iframe Prior approval required
Toolbar Forbidden
Retargeting / Remarketing Allowed
Type-in Prior approval required
Promotional codes Forbidden
Adult-traffic Forbidden
Youtube-traffic Allowed