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Tiqets - tickets for museums, shows and attractions all over the world

Affiliate reward - 5.5% of the booking price.

Tiqets is the biggest online ticketing platforms in the world. We offer directly bookable, instantly available and completely mobile tickets for museums, shows and attractions all over the world. Including cities like Dubai, Rome, New York and many more.

Tiqets’ mission is to bring more people to culture. It brings travelers and venues together to create fantastic experiences. With an amazing offering of attraction and museum tickets, from the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam to the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, that stretches across the globe (and still growing) there is something to do for every traveler.

The innovative technology of Tiqets ensures that travelers can book tickets on their phone at the last minute, receive their tickets directly in digital form, and show their mobile phones to museums, places of interest and attractions.

How do we do this?

Via our direct partnerships with all the museums and attractions in the world.

Offering mobile tickets. Who wants to spend time printing tickets while on vacation.

By making it possible to buy tickets for the same day, even on location while standing in line.

Where applicable, we have skip-the-line tickets, so that our customers don’t have to wait for hours but instead can enjoy their time walking through the Louvre, taking pictures from the Empire State Building or experiencing a thrill ride at Universal Studios Singapore.

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Type-in Forbidden
Promotional codes Prior approval required
Adult-traffic Forbidden
Youtube-traffic Allowed